Math Puzzle Challenge HF is the best mathematical puzzle game to exercise your brain. You can easily train your mathematical reasoning skill by trying to solve the puzzles. Also, the riddles are designed similar to IQ tests.
The riddles improve your

Logical thinking,
Mental skill,
Mathematical knowledge,
Observation skill…

There are 81 riddles including original, unique and classic riddles. In addition, the mathematical riddles designed in different levels. So, there are easy to hard puzzles. 

Everyone can play Math Puzzle Challenge HF with simple mathematical knowledge. 

Math Puzzle Challenge HF has powerful questions in these fields:
Mathematical operations, puzzles, geometrical figures, special figures; additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions; exponentials, roots, radices, digital numbers; modular arithmetics, linear relations, orthogonality; Fibonacci numbers, Pythagorean theorem, triangles, diagonals…

About playing the game:
When a player open the game s/he will see the main menu. Pressing “Play” button will open the “Level Selection” page. Each level in this page contains 9 sub-levels. If the player solve these 9 sub-levels correctly, the upper level number will be checked. When solving the puzzles, the player can see the hint by pressing the hint button above the question board. Also, the game has the mute button to turn off sound.

You can find this free game in Google Play Store by pressing here.